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Dive into the world of decorative radiators

Our custom decorative radiators make any room not only warmer but also more pleasant on the eye - whether at home or in commercial or public buildings. They combine unique design with outstanding comfort.

Zehnder decorative radiators: Tradition meets innovation 

The topic of design is firmly anchored in Zehnder's corporate philosophy. The Zehnder Universal, an industry pioneer, heralded the "birth" of the bathroom radiator in 1980. This was followed in the early 1990s by the Zehnder Arcus - the first radiator to define itself as a design feature. The Zehnder Yucca ushered in a new era a few years later. For the first time, towels could also be hung from the side without any problems. 

And Zehnder is also currently shaping future-oriented living spaces with its decorative radiators. 

Created by renowned international designers, decorative radiators represent a modern and self-assured lifestyle. They integrate perfectly into a wide variety of furnishing styles and inspire with many brilliant colours and surfaces. In addition, Zehnder creates another form of design freedom: whether you require an angled, curved or trapezoid system, special shapes from Zehnder allow individual heating solutions that set the tone. 

In addition to the design aspects, important future topics such as sustainability and energy savings mean that Zehnder cannot stand still and continues to develop new innovations that make a positive contribution to the environment. 

"When form follows function"

Discover our Zehnder Studio Collection

The Zehnder Studio Collection symbolises the highest quality from Zehnder coupled with uniqueness, attention to detail and exclusivity. Zehnder sums up the essence of its product range with the slogan "When form follows function". In this way, the Zehnder portfolio is enriched with products in which innovative designs and technologies play a central, harmonious role. 

The Zehnder Studio Collection embodies products with unique, individual, exclusive and functional design in which the legacy of the RUNTAL brand lives on. Get to know the product world of the Zehnder Studio Collection! 


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bathroom Zehnder Studio Collection

Our options for your heating system

Every home is different. What kind of decorative radiator is right for your application? 

This depends on a number of factors, such as the size of the room to be heated, insulation and the presence of other systems in the house. Depending on the requirements, an electric decorative radiator, operation with hot water via the central heating system, a low water temperature decorative radiator or a combination between electric and central heating, the so-called dual energy operation, are suitable. 

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Frequently asked questions about radiators

In this day and age, there is a wide range of radiators to choose from. However, many of them look very similar. If you are looking for a special radiator that blends in perfectly with your interior or has an eye-catching colour or shape, then a Zehnder decorative radiator is the perfect choice for you. A radiator should not only be aesthetically pleasing but also heat the room effectively. The size and nature of the room as well as the type of heat generation are decisive factors in choosing the right radiator.
The function of the room also plays a role. Since the time spent in each room differs, the output of the radiator must be designed on an individual basis. For a storage room or the attic, a radiator with a lower output is often sufficient. In the bathroom, on the other hand, a radiator with adapted heating output is ideal, which is also time-controlled and a visual highlight. Bathroom radiators are also perfect for warming and drying towels, adding comfort to your home.

Ask your heating engineer for advice on creating the optimum heating system for your home. The heating engineer works closely with us and brings the relevant know-how to ensure a perfect heating installation. With the right choice of radiator and heating system, you can ensure that your home is optimally heated and that you can enjoy the desired comfort.

Electric bathroom radiators

An electric radiator is often used in the bathroom to supplement underfloor heating. It fits perfectly into an energy-efficient house, especially when combined with solar panels and ventilation with heat recovery. In the bathroom, the electric radiator serves to increase comfort and to warm and dry towels. This makes it possible to react individually and quickly to the different requirements in the room.

Operation on central heating system and low water temperature radiator The second type of decorative radiator is for operation on a central heating system. The radiator is connected to a central heating system. The water is heated in the heat generator and then flows through the radiator. The energy is released into the room in the form of heat.

Hybrid radiators (dual energy operation)

Zehnder supplies bathroom radiators for hybrid heating systems, which are a combination of central heating and electric heating. The radiator uses hot water to heat the room, but also offers a built-in electric heating cartridge for added comfort, especially during the transitional period and when warming and drying towels.

Operation on central heating system

Every radiator is connected to the heat generation system. The connection between the two parts is made via pipes - modern radiators are connected with two pipes. The desired temperature is set via the thermostat. The water is heated by the heat generation system and delivers warm/hot water to the radiator via the pipes. The heat of the water that flows through the radiator is then released into the air. The water cools down and sinks into the radiator. It then flows back again via the return pipe. The heat generator heats the returning water again. This creates a constant process that produces a comfortable temperature.

Electric operation

An electric decorative radiator is normally filled with a heat transfer fluid. This medium is heated by means of an electric heating cartridge in the radiator itself. The liquid then circulates in the radiator and releases heat. Since these radiators can be controlled individually, various rooms such as the bathroom can be heated in a very short time. There are also dry models with internal heating cables. These are characterised by an extraordinary reaction speed.

Zehnder radiators are available in any colour: RAL colours, trend colours, metallic colours, and many more. For more information, please see our colour chart or call us.

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