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World of Colours

From your choice of clothing to the design of your home; colours give you the opportunity to create your own individual style. With the Zehnder colour palette 'World of Colours' you have all the choice to make your radiators fit perfectly into your personal interior and thus be able to compose your own living environment completely to your liking.

Colours of today and the future

In order to ensure that the new colours fit in well with current and future housing trends, Zehnder used the expertise of well-known colour trend experts when developing the concept. The long-term trends in the field of architecture, interior design, bath and living room trends and materials were investigated and finally integrated into the new 'World of Colours': five modern colour worlds that allow everyone to find the perfect radiator that suits his or her living style.

The home as a place of rest, relaxation and retreat

The Sanctuary

Your home is the place of relaxation and tranquility. Rough surfaces, brushed finishes, mixed lacquer layers and natural materials create a fine retreat. Naturally off-white and light browns and greys are the key to a cosy environment to relax in. Brushed metals such as brass mixed with wood provide a modern contrast and round shapes and soft fabrics complete the look.

A private place for personal rituals and wellness

The Mystical Home

Rough, natural surfaces contrast with refined designs. Rough concrete textures mixed with polished stone surfaces create a multi-sensory experience. Black and dark grey shades, graphite and taupe are the key to a mystical home. The monochrome rooms are accentuated by dark blue tones and brushed metal. The muted colour palette is made for a tranquil space for personal rituals and wellness.

Reflections on our desire for a natural environment

Neo Green

Green tones create a balance with our desire for more nature in our lives. Walls and floors, but also textiles and décor appear in shades of green. Soft, delicate mint or petrol-coloured graphite reflect our desire for a natural environment. Nude, light brown and grey tones create harmony and calm.

Terracotta as a symbol for a warm and earthy look

Mother Earth

Terracotta helps to create an earthy and warm look, both as a material and as a colour. The highly pigmented quality of terracotta and the deeply saturated but sun-faded solid colours create a natural and sophisticated look. Shades like cotton white, ochre, brick red and brown are combined to create an earthy colour palette. Terracotta is symbolic of the earth we live on and our strong desire to protect it.

The continuity of space – raw, seamless, expressive

Mono Material Concrete

The use of a single material creates a seamless, uniform look and a quiet space – free from visual noise. Raw concrete flows from the interior to the exterior, giving continuity to the space. Eccentric orange and natural brown tones create a modern contrast. Home accessories in brushed metal are ideally combined.

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