Energy efficiency and the associated energy savings

When selecting a heating and cooling system, energy efficiency is the most important factor. Zehnder heating and cooling ceilings can save more than 40% energy compared to other systems. And that with a pleasant indoor climate. 

The energy costs essentially depend on the type of system and the energy source. The biggest cost factor is inefficient heat distribution in the room. Zehnder heating and cooling ceilings ensure efficient and extensive heat distribution in the room.

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Features that lead to energy savings

  • Energy saving with the same temperature sensation
  • Even temperature distribution across the room height
  • Very high heat output in accordance with EN 14037
  • Short heat-up and cool-down times
  • Free choice of energy source; also alternative energies, heat pumps, condensing boiler technology or process waste heat
  • No additional electricity costs for drive energy

Zehnder heating and cooling ceilings versus conventional air heating systems

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