High level of comfort thanks to draught-free heat dissipation

Air heaters stir up dust and distribute it throughout the building. Heating & cooling ceilings, on the other hand, work on the natural principle of heat radiation, i.e. without draughts, which means that no dust is stirred up.

From a health perspective, this is a huge advantage for people suffering from allergies. But users of dust-laden rooms (joinery) or exhibitions (showrooms) also appreciate this. The cleaning effort and the dust load in the halls are considerably reduced.

Features that create a hygienic and healthy indoor climate

  • The natural principle of radiant heat
  • Consistent temperatures throughout the room
  • Heating and cooling effect is immediately noticeable
  • Silent operation
  • No swirling up of dust - advantage for allergy sufferers
  • Reduced cleaning costs for your building
Energy savings
thanks to outstanding energy efficiency.
Find out more about saving energy with heating and cooling ceilings here

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