Cosiness through the natural principle of heat radiation

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General well-being is influenced by a pleasant indoor climate consisting of temperature and air quality.

A high level of comfort therefore plays a major role and is achieved primarily through the type of heat transfer. For example, radiant heat from the sun or a tiled stove is perceived as pleasant and natural, as it heats the body directly. Zehnder heating and cooling ceilings utilise this principle of heat transfer and create a comfortable climate throughout the room.


Heating operating principle

In heating mode, warm water flows through the radiant ceiling panels and heats them. Most of this energy is emitted into the room in the form of infrared radiation.
Because the energy is only converted into heat when it hits the human body or objects in the room, it is possible to work with lower room air temperatures.

Cooling operating principle

In cooling mode, the ceiling systems receive a cold water flow.  People and objects in the room then transfer their heat radiation to the ceiling and an immediately noticeable cooling effect occurs.
In addition, the warm air from the interior rises to the ceiling, cools down there and then flows back into the room from the ceiling system.
Groundwater is usually sufficient as a cooling medium.

Energy savings
thanks to outstanding energy efficiency.
Find out more about saving energy with heating and cooling ceilings here
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