Golfpark, Germany, Fürth, Commercial, Office space, perforated surface, Reference, Sound absorption (perforated), Ceiling canvas
Hydro Systems, Biberach, Germany, open-plan office, administration building
commercial, meeting room, Closed ceilings
University Pierre und Marie Curie, Paris, France, Reference, sail design, lighting element, classroom, lecture hall, reference, integrated lighting, Ceiling canvas
Radiant Ceiling Panels


    The Zehnder Carboline sets new standards in terms of performance, temperature distribution and controllability. Constructed from steel sheeting and a patented graphite and copper insert the Zehnder Carboline is a smooth, flat and lightweight panel designed for both heating and cooling. Due to the advanced design, excellent response characteristics are achieved in the event of a change of temperature. Combined with the excellent performance in the field of energy efficiency and architectural freedom, Zehnder Carboline modules for heating and cooling provide optimal solutions in all areas of application.


    • High heating and cooling output
    • New technology
    • Copper meander in a graphite sandwich
    • Extremly fast reaction time
    • Low heating and high cooling operating temperatures possible


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