Areas of application

Production, storage and maintenance halls

Whether workers, machines or goods: in production and maintenance halls, everyone involved benefits from the use of Zehnder radiant ceiling panels. Even in halls 30 metres high, radiant ceiling panels are powerful and energy-efficient, especially in comparison to air heating.

Sports, event and multi-purpose halls

Where athletes, artists and audiences come together, pleasant climatic conditions should prevail. Thanks to the even temperature distribution, radiant ceiling panels also achieve optimum comfort in sports and multi-purpose halls.

Sales and showrooms

Where a large number of goods are presented, space is precious. Because they are installed on the ceiling, radiant ceiling panels and climate ceilings do not take up valuable floor space. And in the food sector in particular, it pays off that, unlike air heaters, no dust is stirred up. This significantly reduces the cleaning intervals for rooms and products.

Office and public buildings

Employee performance is one of the most important aspects of an office. To keep them as efficient as possible, it is particularly important that people feel comfortable in the rooms. Zehnder radiant ceiling panels and climate-controlled ceilings provide you with an optimum indoor climate,

Schools and universities

Radiant ceiling panels and climate-controlled ceilings heat the room completely evenly, no matter where you are sitting. It is important to create a cosy indoor climate for better concentration of pupils and teachers. The solution is also ideal in terms of energy consumption and maintenance.

Hospitals and doctors' surgeries

There are two points to consider in hospitals. Firstly, the comfort of the patients and secondly, hygiene in the rooms. These two requirements are positively influenced by the climate-controlled ceilings. Due to the high proportion of radiation and the low air movement in the room, patients find the cooling and heating of such a system particularly cosy.

Energy savings
thanks to outstanding energy efficiency.
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