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Comfort and diversity

Discover the new generation of Zehnder immersion heaters.

  • The right, individual solution to meet every need<
  • Simple and intuitive operating comfort
  • Energy-efficient and sustainable
Comfort and diversity on every level!

The new electric immersion heaters from Zehnder to match your decorative radiators

With the new generation of immersion heaters, Zehnder is setting standards that go far beyond just heating. Simple commissioning and also the intuitive control of the immersion heater create convenient application comfort. In addition, the number of operating options mean that various customer requirements can be met. But it is also the possibility to save energy costs with targeted control of the radiator, thereby making a positive contribution towards the environment, that impresses and convinces.




Detailansicht Zehnder Heizstab IHC
Detailansicht Zehnder Heizstab IHT
Detailansicht zehnder Heizstab (IHE)

All the advantages of our Zehnder immersion heaters at a glance

  • Simple and intuitive - with up to 3 operating options
  • The perfect solution to meet various, individual needs
  • Modern and elegant design
  • Protection of the environment and cost savings with targeted use of energy
  • Adjustable surface temperature
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  • Individual room temperature control possible
  • Timer function
  • Daily and weekly programmes can be set via the app
  • Integrated energy efficiency according to
  • eco-design guidelines
Making you fit for the future

Choose the right immersion heater for your living space

Zehnder Immersion Heater Control (IHC)

Convenient operation at all levels

The Immersion Heater Control (IHC) is the all-round solution among the new Zehnder immersion heaters. With its modular operating concept, it fulfils a great variety of customer requirements and ensures user-friendliness at the highest level.

  • Flexible control directly on the immersion heater by using the Remote Control Easy (RCE)
  • All operating options are intuitive and self-explanatory by using the LED matrix display
  • Sustainability as the electronic remote control can be replaced separately from the immersion heater
Badezimmer Zehnder Yucca Heizkörper
Zehnder Immersion Heater Control (IHC)

#sustainability #user-friendly #digital #safety #user diversity #modularity

Elektrischer Zehnder Heizstab im Yucca badheizkörper
Zehnder Immersion Heater Easy (IHE)

Integrated and sustainable

The electric heating element Easy (IHE) is an integrative variant for smart home systems with on-site control units. The new technical Zehnder patented solution, which reduces the output in the upper temperature range to 50%, limits temperature variations while saving energy. In addition, it extends the service life of the electric heating element, which in turn contributes to its sustainability.

Elektrischer Zehnder Heizstab im Yucca badheizkörper
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Zehnder Immersion Heater Easy (IHE)

#sustainability #longer product lifecycle #energy efficiency #easy integration

Zehnder Immersion Heater Timer (IHT)

Heat on time

Zehnder also thought of application areas such as hotels or public institutions. To precisely meet the requirements of these sectors the Immersion Heater Timer (IHT) was developed. On the one hand, it offers a smart home system with on-site control unit that allows pre-setting the running time of the radiator. On the other hand, it offers hotel customers or patients, for example, the option to activate or switch off the radiator beyond the pre-set running time. This provides an overview of the energy consumption and keeps costs under control.

Elektrischer Zehnder Heizstab im Yucca badheizkörper
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Zehnder Immersion Heater Timer (IHT)

#economy #energy efficiency #easy operation

Together with our customers, we have decided to concentrate on creating a future-orientated electronic platform in which elements such as simplicity (in terms of user friendliness and easy operation) and sustainability are the most important factors.

Giovanni Suma, Director Product Management Radiators

Mann im Anzug t Giovanni Suma, Director Product Management Radiators
In comparison

The new generation of Zehnder immersion heaters

Zehnder Immersion Heater Control (IHC)
Zehnder Immersion Heater Control (IHC)
detailansicht elektronischer zehnder heizstab easy
Zehnder Immersion Heater (IHE)
detailansicht elektronsicher zehnder heizstab timer
Zehnder Immersion Heater Control (IHT)
Available colors of the heater

white, black, gray

white or chrome

white or chrome

Available color of power cable

white, black, gray

white or grey

Manual operation on the immersion heater
Operation via Easy control unit (RCE)


Operation via Zehnder Connect App**
Compatible with the Zehnder Connect Box
Surface temperature limitation
Suitable for BMS systems
Especially suitable for use in B2B applications (e.g. hotel)
Available as KIT version
Electronics separately replaceable
Available color of power cable

white or grey

* Available to order additionally
** Daily and weekly programmes can be set

To the radiator overview

This icon shows you all of our design radiators with which you can benefit from the new diversity of immersion heaters.<
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