Work-life balance is part of our philosophy

Sabrina, Team Lead HR Business Partner
at Zehnder since 2010

My path at Zehnder first began with the Internal Sales team of our International Sales organisation. Here I learned about Zehnder products and could put my language proficiency to good use. In the meantime, I furthered my education in international management assistance, and after three years I took over a position as Assistant to the Executive Management. Three years later, I changed to Human Resources. Since then, I have advanced to Team Leader. 

What I value most about my work at Zehnder are my colleagues – the people and environment who make Zehnder what it is. The responsibility that everyone is given is very positive to my professional and personal development. At Zehnder, we enjoy the freedom to make our own decisions. Zehnder is a very good employer for me since I can balance my family and my work. I do not need to explain myself when I need to take advantage of flexible work schedules or work from home because our child is sick – that takes a lot of pressure off of me.

Zehnder is traditional in a positive sense; things are thought through. Decisions are carefully weighed up. I’m like that in my private life as well.

Sabrina, Team Lead HR Business Partner

The name Zehnder stands for world leading indoor climate solutions. Our inner conviction of what we do increases the comfort and quality of life of every individual in their work or home is what drives us. 

We know that our outstanding performance is based on the commitment, enthusiasm and passion of our entire team. We create a motivational and meaningful work environment with mutual respect, appreciation and openness at every turn.

Developing potential and finding solutions together – that is part of our work culture at Zehnder.

You set your own limits; we’ll support and encourage you along your individual career path.

Our teams are international, so you’ll always work in an open and exciting environment.

Five questions for Sabrina

What does Zehnder stand for in your opinion – which terms do you associate with the company?

“Family business, compatibility of work and family, great team, great colleagues, super collaboration.”

How do you and Zehnder fit well together? What do you apply from your private life to your job?

“It’s the openness that Zehndeazr lives and breathes. Open, honest, and direct. Zehnder is traditional in every positive sense of the word; things are thought through. Decisions are carefully weighed up. I’m like that in my private life as well. I could say it like this: Zehnder and I are not start-ups.”

You have been with Zehnder since the start of your career. What have you learned at Zehnder that carries over to your personal life? 

“To be patient! Even when projects take a little longer, stay on it; don’t give up. I’ve learned to be persistent and to think about the long term.”

Everyone who works at Zehnder brings something to the table. What have your team and colleagues learned from you?

“I carry my commitment and my power into the company; I stand behind our products, behind the company. I live Zehnder and I pass that on to my colleagues!”

A glimpse into the future: where do you see yourself professionally in the coming years?

“I want to stay at Zehnder, to develop myself further both personally and professionally, and to eventually become Human Resources Manager.”

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