A company that suits me

Melissa, Continuous Improvement Coordinator
at Zehnder since 2018

After my BA degree I went searching for an international company that produced meaningful, high-quality products. That’s why Zehnder was my first choice, and it remains so today. At Zehnder, I have the freedom to develop my ideas and am supported along the way.

As Continuous Improvement Coordinator it is part of my job to improve the production processes. I work at the intersection of many interesting areas and bring future-oriented projects forward. This work suits me since I have a lot of fun trying new things, organizing, and optimizing. I have the support of an amazing team. Even as a newcomer to the profession, I am taken seriously and supported. My colleagues’ doors are always open for me; it’s fantastic to work like this

At Zehnder, I can implement my ideas and bring things forward. Everyone gives their best to make the company and its products better. I like that a lot.

Melissa, Continuous Improvement Coordinator

The name Zehnder stands for world leading indoor climate solutions. Our inner conviction of what we do increases the comfort and quality of life of every individual in their work or home is what drives us. 

We know that our outstanding performance is based on the commitment, enthusiasm and passion of our entire team. We create a motivational and meaningful work environment with mutual respect, appreciation and openness at every turn.

Melissa ten Hove is CI Coordinator, which means she optimizes production processes. Her team gives her a lot of freedom to implement her concepts and ideas.

Business economist Melissa ten Hove works at the intersection of many interesting areas and moves our company forward. In doing so, Melissa enjoys the collegial atmosphere and the flat hierarchies.

Exchanging ideas with colleagues is very important to Melissa ten Hove. At “Young Zehnder”, a development program for Young Professionals, they can network across departments.

Five questions for Melissa

What do you enjoy most about working at Zehnder? Are there any highlights you look forward to at work?

“I really value the freedom and responsibility that I have in my work. I am given specifications and within that framework I can do my job as I see fit. If I have questions or am uncertain, everyone is there for me; I am in good hands. It is a lot of fun to work in the open and informal culture that we have here.”

You have learned a lot in your four-year rise from Intern to Continuous Improvement Coordinator. Apart from professional expertise, what have you gained for yourself?

“I have gained self-confidence. When it’s your first job, you often feel insecure. But at Zehnder, there’s a tolerant culture that values you and encourages you to develop and follow your own ideas.”

What does Zehnder stand for in your view? What terms do you associate with the company?

“Definitely health, warmth, and improvement. And, of course, progress, defined by quality and innovation.”

You participate in the “Young Zehnder” development program for Young Professionals. Can you tell us a little about it?

"Young Zehnder’ was founded in January 2022. We want to network young professionals throughout Zehnder, no matter the department, and build bridges between higher education and career. It develops personal contacts and supports personal development between colleagues who find themselves in the same stage of life. I really like the program, Zehnder gives us the time and space for meetings and workshops. This exchange of information is very important – it is incredibly valuable for me to be able to communicate with one another this way.” 

A glimpse into the future: where do you see yourself professionally in the coming years?

“I see myself continuing to work in a process-oriented way; I enjoy that very much. Perhaps in a larger team or within a department with more responsibilities. I can see myself in a leadership role – as a manager.”

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