What is heating with electricity?

How to create comfortable and sustainable homes with electric radiators?

Plug-in for electric heating

The world is increasingly adapting to solutions powered by electricity. Whether cars, trains, bicycles, or heat pumps – electricity is renewable and the power of the future. Also, heating with electricity in homes is not only an efficient solution, but also one that is fast and easy to install. A Plug-in Radiator or plug-in towel warmer is therefore the perfect complement to underfloor heating and the heat pump. Mount the electric radiator on the wall and plug it into the socket. This way you can create a comfortable living climate in every room of the house in no time at all.


A plug-in radiator is fully electric and extremely suitable for new construction and renovation with solar panels. In a home today, the heat pump provides hot water, and the underfloor heating provides comfortable heat on the ground floor. In the bedroom and in the bathroom, the plug-in radiator provides quick and comfortable heat especially in the transitional seasons spring, and fall. Solar panels for energy generation make electric heating a sustainable heating solution.

Fast and easy

Hang up, plug in the socket and you're done. Installing heating pipes comes with much effort and costs. Furthermore, renovating a home, installing traditional heating pipes is often not possible or economically not viable. Hang the radiator wherever you want with a socket nearby and place the wireless control within easy reach. A Plug-in Radiator makes the room pleasantly warm in a short time. We call it 'heat on demand'. And that´s the ultimate comfort.

Wide range of products

For every room, style, and wallet and in different sizes. Discover our wide range of electric designer radiators and towel warmers.

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