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Zehnder Tetris and the rhythm of design

To celebrate the launch of Zehnder's stunning new decorative towel, we travelled to Milan for an exclusive interview with the designer: Santiago Miranda from renowned design studio King and Miranda.

We spoke to Santiago about his influences, the design process behind this exquisite radiator, and how nature played a significant role in its creation.


Good morning, Santiago, and thank you so much for taking the time to meet with us today. We're here to celebrate not just the launch of the beautiful Tetris range but a long and successful working relationship between Zehnder and King and Miranda. How have you found working with our team over the years?


Thanks for coming to our design studios; it's always a pleasure! Our relationship has been so successful as Zehnder values both form and function. The company understands that a beautiful and iconic product can inspire emotion but also be practical. That's music to my ears as a designer!



It's been fantastic working with you on so many different products. You designed our Zehnder Velum, Metropolitan, Cosmopolitan, Folio, and Ribbon ranges, which are well-loved by our customers around the world.



That's lovely to hear. It's always a wonderful experience to go into a building, be it a hotel or a client's office and see those ranges on display, thinking, 'Oh, I designed that!'Working with Zehnder, you have the confidence to start with concepts, even abstract ones, and know they will become concrete and successful products. I particularly love working with Giovanni (Suma, Manager of Zehnder Product Management) and his team, as they can translate my ideas into brilliant products ready to showcase to the public.

Finding Inspiration

Zehnder:  What inspires you when designing a new product?

Santiago: There are a lot of variables. It depends on the commission and who you're designing it for, and I also feel my inspiration has shifted with time! However, I strongly feel that products should have some reverence for nature. Nature is the unifying force that binds all of us together – one small change to the ecosystem can have a major impact on our lives.  Most of the products I design are born out of a reflection of the world of nature, and Zehnder Tetris is no exception to this rule.

Unveiling the Secrets of a Design Process

Zehnder: What is the process you undertake when designing a product? Is there a routine you follow?

Santiago: There isn't a magic wand to wave when it comes to design; there's a lot of hard work behind the scenes.  My rule is to combine 20% inspiration with 80% hard work. There are many revisions and modifications before you look at a design and go, 'Yes, that's what I want'.

One of the fundamental rules when designing a product is how it will co-exist with other products in the same living space. Yes, objects must have strong and iconic characteristics that make them stand out. But you don't want these products to be dictatorial in a room either. They must have a respectful presence towards other furniture and fittings.

Zehnder: Let’s talk about  Zehnder Tetris. You said that nature inspired you a lot during the design process. In what way?

Santiago: If you go into the forest and listen intently, you hear so many different rhythms. The majestic movement of a bird's wings. The swish of a fish as it makes its way downstream. The relaxing sound the water creates. Rhythm is synonymous with life, and I wanted to use that as my inspiration for Zehnder Tetris.

Zehnder Tetris is also a tribute to the wavering movement of fluids. The coming and going of water in a river, the movement of blood around the body. When you see a radiator coil and the meanders of a river, the two are incredibly similar indeed!

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I want people to think of flowing water when they see Zehnder Tetris. I want them to think of warmth and life.

Santiago Miranda, design studio King and Miranda

Mastering the Design Journey - from Conceptualization to Realization

Zehnder: How did you find going from concept to realization?

Santiago: As I was working with Zehnder, it was an extremely smooth transition. My team and I worked closely with Zehnder's research and product development team, marketing, and production. Special thanks must go to Piotr (Koscicz, Managing Director PBO), Adam (Sidor, Head of Technical Development) and Henryk (Sitek, Product Manager) and their respective teams. It's always wonderful to work with people who are on the same page and share the same values as you do!

Zehnder: One last question before we finish. You pride yourself on designing products that inspire emotion. What emotion would you like Zehnder Tetris to evoke in those who choose it for their living spaces?

Santiago: Being in nature inspires so many emotions in people – peace and tranquility, happiness and joy, awe and wonder. There's nothing more beautiful than a sunset, a bubbling brook, reaching the summit of a mountain. I want people to feel the homage to nature behind Zehnder Tetris, how it is inspired by the gentle flow of rivers and the percussive rhythm of flight. There's a glorious synergy between nature and architecture, and I feel this product represents that juxtaposition perfectly.

Zehnder: That's a wonderful point to end on! Thank you so much for your passion and dedication in creating Zehnder Tetris and for speaking with us today. It was an absolute pleasure.

Santiago: You're welcome. I can't wait to work with you and the team again in the future!

Zehnder Tetris
- The rhythm of warmth
TET-150-050, olive green, IHE, El, Tetris Radiator, bathroom, Milieu
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