ComfoPipe Plus twin duct ventilation tube, Outdoor and exhaust air duct, horizontal
ComfoPipe Plus joining set, wall duct, combination ComfoPipe 125

CPP-Double channel

    Zehnder ComfoPipe Plus twin duct for DIN 1946-6 compliant removal of outside and exhaust air. Thanks to the high-quality insulation material made of EPP, the duct enables compact removal, while simultaneously meeting insulation requirements up to 60 mm. The special connection geometry ensures a safe and air-tight connection without the risk of condensation. The duct system comprises one duct piece 400 mm long, a switching unit for universal change of direction and various connection boxes for unit connection.


    • Complies with DIN 1946-6 insulation requirements for outside and exhaust air
    • Good thermal insulation thanks to foamed polypropylene (PP)
    • Closed-cell and vapour-tight surface
    • Very compact installation dimensions
    • Easy to install
    • Direct covering possible
    • No formation of condensation thanks to installation that is free of thermal bridges
    • High sealing class
    • Flexible components


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