ComfoTube Therm 90 ventilation tube, DN90, 20 m, black, insulated
ComfoFit Therm bend DN90, for ComfoTube Therm 90, 90°, black, EPP
ComfoFit Therm connector DN90, for ComfoTube Therm 90, black, EPP

ComfoTube Therm 90

    Pre-insulated ventilation tube ComfoTube Therm 90 and connectors Zehnder ComfoFit Therm.


    • Increased living comfort: Low temperature loss and prevention of condensation when transporting conditioned air thanks to thermal insulation.
    • Easy and quick to install: The ComfoTube Therm 90 is supplied ready for installation, so no additional insulation is required, and the ventilation tube can be quickly connected to the ComfoFit Therm push fit connectors.
    • Flexibility: The ventilation tube retains its flexibility thanks to non-glued components and the flexibility of the insulation material.
    • Easy to clean: The ventilation tube is easy to clean due to its smooth inner skin (Clinside).
    • No thermal bridges: The soft insulation nestles optimally against the connectors.
    • Durability: The corrosion and heat resistant materials ensure a long service life.
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