CK 300 straight connector, twin duct, canal nibble, CON-CK300-N, SAP Code: 18501391, 990322023, OnFloor (flat oval pipe)

CK300 straight Connector

    Zehnder CK 300 twin duct made of ABS-plastic with a length of 1500 mm for mounting directly on concrete ceilings or on walls. The pluggable system componants are sealed by lip seals and offer an airtight connection. The smooth, hygienic twin duct is made for air flows of 300 m³/h at low pressure losses.


    • Flat twin duct 70 mm in height used as a connector between ventilation unit and manifold or for optimum airflow between two manifolds on separate floors
    • Interlocking connections fitted with lip seals ensure an airtight seal between components
    • Low pressure loss at an air volume of 300 m³/h
    • The light weight means it can be mounted easily, cleanly and quickly below the ceiling or on the wall using the appropriate holders
    • Smooth-walled and odourless for good hygiene properties


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