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Folio Belt

Hydronic operation

    With an impressive flat surface, full closed edging and gently tapered silhouette – Folio from the Zehnder Studio Collection is highly appealing with its unsually light appearance. The design of this radiator, which has a projection of only 16 millimetres, has only been made possible by the development of innovative design elements and materials. The striking flat shape of Zehnder Folio is a result of innovative heating technology. The material and colour can be selected to make the radiator harmoniously blend into or create a pleasing contrast to your interior design concept. The oak, wenge, high-grade Macassar ebony or anodised aluminium finishes allow the heat to flow into the room elegantly and efficiently. The Zehnder Folio Belt version comes with one or two towel rails, whilst also providing maximum style and comfort to any bathroom.

    Studio Collection

    Zehnder Folio Belt - Hydronic operation

    We also offer the following technologies

    Electric operation


    • Compact design and closed edge all round
    • Vertical model suitable for living areas
    • Folio Belt bathroom version with one or two chrome-plated towel rails, depending on the height
    • Available either with conventional connections or with a completely revised and newly a developed integrated valve design
    • Available in the full range of colours in the Zehnder colour chart or with chrome plating
    • Optionally available with exclusive special surfaces
    • Available with programmable remote control for operation on either central heating system or electric only operation

    Technical data

    Connection to hot water central heating system

    Painted version
    Model H L Heat output
    75/65/20 °C 70/55/20 °C 55/45/20 °C
    mm mm Watts Watts Watts
    With towel holder
    FZB-120-042 1156 430 399 328 215
    FZB-150-042 1476 435 504 415 271
    FZB-180-042 1796 441 614 506 330
    FZB-120-052 1156 530 485 399 261
    FZB-150-052 1476 535 611 503 329
    FZB-180-052 1796 540 762 627 410
    FZB-150-062 1476 635 718 591 386
    FZB-180-062 1796 640 912 749 488
    FZB-180-072 1796 740 1064 873 566
    H = height, L = length
    75/65/20 = Nominal heat output according to EN 442


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