Hydronic operation

    A design concept made for purists – precise lines, flat sides and right angles. The angular radiator with a practical side - slide on and hang up towels effortlessly with just one hand. Connected directly to the central heating system, this decorative radiator keeps the bathroom warm and comfortable. Alban from the Zehnder Studio Collection: the design version made of hand-polished, high-quality stainless steel. Simple, elegant design – and warm towels whenever you need them.


    • A modern, unfussy radiator design whose geometric shapes allow it to blend perfectly into any bathroom
    • Open access from both sides makes it very convenient for hanging even very thick towels and sliding them in from the side
    • High-quality stainless steel surface ensures easy cleaning and maximum hygiene
    • Option to be fitted with the open end on the left or right, ensuring flexibility
    • Hand-polished stainless steel
    • Available for operation on central heating system

    Technical data

    Connection to hot water central heating system

    Stainless steel version
    Model H L Heat output
    75/65/20 °C 70/55/24 °C 70/55/20 °C 55/45/24 °C 55/45/20 °C
    mm mm Watts Watts Watts Watts Watts
    ALZ-100-050 1000 500 256 182 209 112 134
    ALZ-140-050 1380 500 332 233 269 140 170
    ALZ-180-050 1760 500 417 298 341 183 220
    H = height, L = length
    75/65/20 = Nominal heat output according to EN 442


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