1570x500, bathroom, tube, towel rail, towel bar, towel, Towel holder
1570x490, kitchen, towel rail, towel bar, Towel holder
Premium Collection

Vitalo Bar

Electric operation

    Rectangle and circle: Geometry can be so beautiful. Beautifully simple and energy-efficient. Zehnder Vitalo Bar proves the point. Top-quality surfaces make a maximum statement in a minimalist setting. Available in almost any colour and finish from the Zehnder colour chart. Also in natural anodised aluminium. One or two towel rails, depending on the height, ensure you have beautifully warm hand and bath towels.

    Premium Collection

    Zehnder Vitalo Bar - Electric operation

    We also offer the following technologies

    Hydronic operation


    • Innovative technology guarantees efficient heating
    • Extremely flat design creates an aesthetic accent
    • Low total weight facilitates transport and installation
    • Striking shape, distinctive design
    • Chrome towel rail, accessible from one side, makes it very convenient for hanging and sliding towels in from the side
    • Smooth surface makes for easy cleaning
    • Short response time means rooms can be heated up rapidly

    Electric operation

    • Control device can be positioned as required
    • Timer function for on-demand operation
    • Energy-efficient and comfortable heating with innovative “open window detection”
    • User-friendly control device allows simple operation
    • Aesthetically appealing design due to concealed electric heating element
    • Pleasant indoor climate through demand-controlled room control
    • Comes ready-to-plug for easy and quick installation
    • High energy efficiency due to compliance with the European Ecodesign Directive reduces energy costs
    • Increased safety with keylock
    • Customisable daily and weekly programmes for convenient, on-demand operation
    • Electric operation provides warm towels and comfortable rooms all year round
    • Low energy consumption of only 0.5 W in stand-by mode for increased energy efficiency
    • Flexible control options: control device for wall mounting or base

    Colour System

    Zehnder Vitalo Bar - Electric operation
    Traffic White (9016* / RAL 9016)
    * These colours / surfaces are glossy, all others matt.
    Despite extreme care in the painting process of our radiators, slight colour deviations are possible, depending on the production series and compared to other colour carriers (ceramic, paper, metal, ...) as well as screen display.
    RAL and NCS are manufacturer's designations.

    Technical data

    Electric-only operation

    Painted version
    With chrome-plated towel rail
    Model H L LB Power electric heating element
    mm mm mm Watts
    VIPE-125-040/GD 1250 400 350 350
    VIPE-160-040/GD 1570 400 350 500
    VIPE-190-040/GD 1890 400 350 500
    VIPE-160-050/GD 1570 500 450 500
    VIPE-190-050/GD 1890 500 450 750
    VIPE-190-060/GD 1890 600 550 1000
    H = height, L = length, LB = towel rail length
    Anodised aluminium
    With chrome-plated towel rail
    Model H L LB Power electric heating element
    mm mm mm Watts
    VIPES-125-40/GD 1250 400 350 350
    VIPES-160-40/GD 1570 400 350 350
    VIPES-190-40/GD 1890 400 350 500
    H = height, L = length, LB = towel rail length


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