Premium Collection

Metropolitan Spa

Dual energy operation

    The innovative design of Zehnder Metropolitan Spa makes the bathroom that much nicer and more pleasant to be in. Ample cut-outs in this version offer plenty of space for large towels. Available in almost any colour and finish from the Zehnder colour chart.

    Premium Collection

    Zehnder Metropolitan Spa - Dual energy operation

    We also offer the following technologies

    Hydronic operationElectric operation


    • Smooth surface creates an elegant look
    • Cut-outs for hanging and heating towels
    • Convenient, individually adjustable towel hooks on request for hanging towels
    • High proportion of radiation ensures comfort
    • Light and seamless design enhances any room
    • The right model for any setting
    • Light airy look provided by distinctive triangular profile of frame
    • Innovative hybrid welding technology guarantees maximum quality and high-end design

    Colour System

    Zehnder Metropolitan Spa - Dual energy operation
    Traffic White (9016* / RAL 9016)
    * These colours / surfaces are glossy, all others matt.
    Despite extreme care in the painting process of our radiators, slight colour deviations are possible, depending on the production series and compared to other colour carriers (ceramic, paper, metal, ...) as well as screen display.
    RAL and NCS are manufacturer's designations.

    Technical data

    Connection to hot water central heating system or for dual energy operation

    Painted version
    Model H L Heat output Power electric heating element
    75/65/20 °C 70/55/24 °C 70/55/20 °C 55/45/24 °C 55/45/20 °C
    mm mm Watts Watts Watts Watts Watts Watts
    With towel cut-out
    METM-120-050/GD 1225 500 561 399 457 243 293 500
    METM-150-050/GD 1540 500 690 489 561 297 358 600
    METM-180-050/GD 1750 500 775 551 631 336 404 750
    METM-180-060/GD 1750 600 889 630 723 383 461 900
    H = height, L = length
    75/65/20 = Nominal heat output according to EN 442


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