ComfoAir Q600, comfoairq600, ST, CAQ600ST, CAST
Ventilation units up to 600 m³/h

ComfoAir Q600 ST

    Zehnder ComfoAir Q is the new generation of ventilation units that are more efficient, even quieter and more intelligent. State-of-the-art design, combined with intelligent technology, make Zehnder ComfoAir Q the best product available on the market. A large number of innovations enable optimum acoustic performance, even better heat recovery and particularly low energy consumption. Zehnder ComfoAir Q provides outstanding comfort for a perfect indoor climate with maximum energy efficiency.

    Focus benefits

    Energy saving

    The unique diamond shaped heat exchanger features an especially large surface, which allows it to achieve a high heat recovery. Helping you to save as much energy as possible.

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    Optimum home comfort

    The modulating intelligent by-pass regulates how much extract or exhaust air flows through the heat exchanger. This ensures the perfect temperature for every season. Residents don't have to do anything: everything happens automatically.

    Quiet operation

    The flow grid, scroll housing and impeller, ensure the best possible air flow. This means an extremely quiet operation so everyone can work and sleep well at home.

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    • Comfort ventilation unit with air volume of up to 600 m3/h at 200 Pa
    • Left or right hand unit configuration combined in one device, providing installation flexibility
    • Simple and quick installation
    • Commissioning wizard and intuitive device display for simple commissioning in three steps
    • New diamond heat exchanger with larger surface area for higher heat recovery and less air resistance ensuring lower energy consumption
    • Latest fan technology for quiet and energy-efficient operation
    • Innovative air volume balancing for maximum heat recovery
    • Adaptive pre-heater for intelligent temperature control of the drawn-in outdoor air for the best possible energy efficiency
    • Easy operation from switch to app and remote monitoring
    • Combination with ComfoCool Q air tempering unit possible
    • Optimal alignment of comfort ventilation unit and Zehnder original filters (in accordance with ISO 16890 air filter standard) creates dust-free indoor air and maximum hygiene


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