ComfoConnect, KNX, Gateway
Interface module

ComfoConnect KNX C

    The Zehnder ComfoAir Q balanced ventilation unit can be integrated into EIB/KNX building management systems. The only required component is the Zehnder ComfoConnect KNX C interface. This device establishes a connection between the Zehnder ComfoAir Q ventilation unit in residential buildings and the KNX building management system. Thus, the ventilation unit can be monitored and controlled via KNX devices. Additionally, the device also enables basic control of a Zehnder ComfoHood kitchen extractor hood. The unit can be mounted on any wall. The Zehnder ComfoConnect KNX C is connected to the ventilation unit with a 4-wire ComfoNET cable. Further controls or components can be added without adjusting the KNX installation. Address assignment for the KNX integrator becomes simple with the dynamic address assignment via ETS 5 (not included in the scope delivery).


    • Control and monitor the ventilation system via the KNX building management system Control ventilation flow rate, temperature profile, temporary high speed setting and external sensor set points
    • Monitor ventilation flow rates, temperatures and external sensors
    • 7 day flow rate programmer
    • Service and Maintenance alert
    • ETS5 compatible


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