Tube holder ComoFix Link CP125-200

Tube holder ComfoFix Link CP125-200

    When it comes to outdoor air, exhaust air, supply air and extract air, the Zehnder ComfoFix Link CP tube holder for the ComfoPipe Compact and ComfoPipe Plus connection systems makes tidy and secure tube installation possible in any situation. Thanks to its flexibility, it can be used universally for a variety of tube diameters as well as for both wall and ceiling mounting. With the integrated twist lock function, one double holder can be created from two single holders, helping to reduce mounting time.


    • Quick and easy installation thanks to universal adjustment to all diameters from 125 - 300 mm for ComfoPipe Compact 125, 160, 200 and ComfoPipe Plus 160, 200
    • Two single holders can be made into one double holder using the twist lock function
    • Greater flexibility thanks to the 3 mounting options (wall, ceiling, with and without spacing)
    • 100% compatible solution for Zehnder ventilation tubes
    • Guaranteed safe installation and no damage to ventilation tubes due to precise fit of the tube holders
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