Air diffuser housing CLD-P, sleeve on face side, 10008624, 990320845
Grille housing

Roosterbox CLD-P

    Rectangular frontal and lateral sleeve entry grille housings. The cleanable rectangular CLD grille housing is suitable for installation in all types of wall/floor/ceiling depending on the CLD height and comes complete with locking slides. The rectangular decorative grilles (300 x 200 mm and 260 x 160 mm) an be surface or flush mounted dependent on preference. A Zehnder ComfoFresh filter can be used to remove particulates.


    • Suitable for wall, floor or ceiling installation
    • Air volumes up to a maximum of 30 m³/h (ComfoTube 75) and 45 m³/h (ComfoTube 90)
    • Can be installed in timber or solid constructions
    • Extract air filter optional
    • Air volume control with optional ComfoSet
    • Easy to clean
    • Same housing for supply and extract air
    • Mounting bracket attached to housing
    • Protective cover for unfinished structures with telescopic frame for use as floor outlet


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