ComfoTube 110, special PE, smooth inner skin, Ø 110 mm, air distribution tube, TUB-CT-DN, InFloor (round pipe)
Germany, Kenzingen, reference Schmidt, renovation, grille housing TVA, ComfoTube
Germany, Kenzingen, reference Schmidt, renovation, mounting plate, ComfoTube
ComfoTube, Roof, building, air distribution, tube, works, construction site

ComfoTube Round

    The Zehnder ComfoFresh air distribution system supplies indoor spaces with fresh air – Clinside ensures this is done cleanly and hygienically. Clinside, the smooth inner skin in Zehnder ventilation tubes and filters not only reduces the build-up of dust, but also guarantees easy cleaning. Certification by a recognised hygiene institute confirms this. Flexible air distribution pipe, outside ribbed, inside smooth according to DIN EN 60529, gas-tight and stable. The ComfoTube Round can easily be laid in concrete, directly into the earth or in riser ducts and suspended ceilings. The Zehnder ComfoTube can be easily and quickly installed, it consists of new, pure, white HDPE and is delivered in rolls.


    • Cleanliness thanks to Clinside: The smooth Clinside inner skin makes it difficult for dust to settle inside the ventilation tubes and makes cleaning so much easier.
    • Health & well-being: It’s good to know that the Clinside smooth inner skin has a dirt-repellent effect. Allergy sufferers can also breathe deep thanks to appropriate filtering of the fresh air.
    • Easy to install: Thanks to the enormous flexibility and small bend radius of the Zehnder ventilation tubes, they can be installed with a minimum space requirement and with only a few connector pieces, to suit the space situation.
    • Easy to clean: The smooth Clinside inner skin and the fact that all ventilation components are easily accessible enables easy and thorough cleaning. Specifically for this purpose, there is a brush optimally adapted to the tube diameter for removing any impurities via a commercially available wet/ dry vacuum cleaner.


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