Dachhaube, roof terminal, InFloor (round pipe)
Dachhaube, roof terminal, Neigungswinkel
Roof terminal
Roof terminal
Air Diffusers

Roof Terminal

    The Zehnder roof terminal is suitable for guiding outdoor and exhaust air in systems that are designed for comfortable indoor ventilation. On the roof, it is covered using the universal pantile or the original roof covering. The non-corrosive coating, the ability to adjust the pitch between 6° and 60°, and the insulated design all ensure that these roof terminals can be used in a wide range of applications. Sealing collars enable them to be connected directly to the sarking membrane. Owing to a flexible connector and condensate drainage via the roof, installing them safely is a breeze. Available in red (RAL 8004) and black (RAL 9005), in DN 125, 160 and 200.


    • Straightforward, universal installation, as the pitch is adjusted from the outside
    • Universal application in comfort ventilation systems due to compatibility with outdoor and exhaust air
    • Various installation options due to the larger adjustment angle which is easy to adapt to any roof pitch
    • Reliable installation due to insulation against condensate plus removal of condensate on the roof
    • Reliable operation due to stable integration into battens and reliable protection even in heavy rain
    • Useful accessories such as the neoprene liners and adhesive tape are included in the scope of delivery and ensure more comfort
    • Harmonised diameters for simple connection to air distribution components
    • Fastening the liner to the roof beam can prevent the ingress of water


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