Comfortable Indoor Ventilation

Zehnder ventilation systems ensure a healthy indoor climate while operating, highly energy efficient. Our ventilation products boost not only the wellbeing of your customers but also help to retain the property value.

What ventilation can do for you

Blissful life 24/7

Ventilation technology automatically ensures that only fresh clean air enters properties 24/7. No more street noise through open windows or annoying flies and insects.

Personal health worker

Ventilation technology disposes not only stale air, but also harmful substances evaporating from furnishings. Regulation of humidity reduces the risk for mould on walls and furniture

More money in the pocket

Our heat recovery ventilation systems draw residue heat from stale air and use it to heat the fresh incoming outside air saving a lot of energy and money during the heating season.

We have the right solution for you

                   Depending on the room volume and requirements, there is a suitable solution for your needs:

         - Ventilation for individual rooms, flats, detached houses, apartment blocks and commercial premises

         - Systems and ventilation units tailored to comfort requirements and budget

         - Suitable products for new builds and modernisation

         - Customised solutions depending on the size of the building project

Your Zehnder Ventilation Toolbox

Zehnder offers a myriad of solutions for a comfortable indoor climate. Our ventilation units can be paired to perfection with heating/cooling systems and best in class air distribution systems offering a complete solution rather than only a product.

Comfortable indoor ventilation
Ventilation solutions for residential dwellings

Grade II listing regulations meet need for more comfort and energy efficiency. Game on for Zehnder’s products and services.

“Having used Zehnder’s ComfoTube ducting and ventilation units on this project, I’m confident I won’t use any other system in the future. It met and surpassed all our criteria, and the installation was simple and cost-effective. We couldn’t ask for anything more.”

Mike Beckett, Director, Hill Bespoke Ltd, location, date


As new buildings and intensively refurbished properties become increasingly airtight, less fresh, outside air can naturally get into the external building envelope. Resulting in decreased indoor air quality through build-up of allergens in stagnant air as well as mould and mildew formation. The solution is to install mechanical ventilation to ensure a balanced cycle of extract and supply air so as the atmosphere of the property is undergoing regular air changes.

Of course – we all know the pleasure of flinging open the windows on a lovely day! This aside however, the system is designed to optimise indoor air quality at any time of the day or night in all weathers without having to worry about external noise ingress or security considerations.

A ventilation system with heat recovery decreases your energy consumption when compared to standard alternatives. As well as recovering heat which would otherwise have been exhausted to atmosphere, our systems use energy efficient DC motors to limit energy consumption in every way.

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