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Zehnder Carboline

The Zehnder Carboline sets new standards in terms of performance, temperature distribution and controllability. Constructed from steel sheeting and a patented graphite and copper insert, the Zehnder Carboline is a smooth, flat and lightweight panel designed for both heating and cooling. This high-performance system can easily be integrated in new and existing suspended ceilings. It can also be mounted free hanging as a ceiling sail.

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Zehnder ZIP

Zehnder ZIP radiant ceiling panels have multiple design possibilities. Their modular design makes them ideal for every industrial installation situation. Above all, the much lower weight not only makes installation easier, but also makes the panel the number one choice for roof constructions that are only able to support lighter loads. All components are corrosion resistant, which also makes them the ideal choice for use in moist rooms.

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Zehnder ZBN

Manufactured totally from steel and certified to EN14037, Zehnder ZBN Radiant Ceiling Panels provide an efficient, economical and energy-saving heating solution, creating a comfortable, uniform distribution of heat. With good regulation and fast heat-up, the Zehnder ZBN offers long-term durability and financial savings.

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Zehnder PAM

Plasterboard ceilings from Zehnder now give architects and planners maximum design freedom: The shape and dimensions of the ceiling elements can be adapted to suit any room geometry.

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