Zehnder Roda Spa Air Asym

Bathroom design and comfort has a name: Zehnder Roda Spa Air Asym. Thanks to the asymmetrical arrangement of the flat tubes, towels can be conveniently hung from the side. The powerful, built-in heating fan makes sure your bathroom is heated quickly, whenever you want warmth. Available in almost any colour and finish from the Zehnder colour chart.


  • Diverse range of models with header tubes as a left- or right-hand arrangement
  • Quiet, integrated fans with easy to operate controller ensure considerably shorter heating-up phase and more performance, convenience and comfort
  • Cover in matching colour discreetly conceals connection fittings
  • Extra hygiene through cleanable air filter
  • High proportion of radiation ensures comfort

        Special benefits for hot water operation

        • Flexible installation through right and left connection options

        Special benefits for electric operation

        • Operation as needed thanks to daily and weekly timer function
        • Comes ready to plug in for easy and quick installation
        • The electric radiator provides warm towels and rooms all the year round
          Traffic White (9016* / RAL 9016)