Zehnder Enthalpy exchanger

The Zehnder Enthalpy exchanger was especially developed for humidity recovery with the devices G90-300, G91-350 and ComfoAir 500. The problem of too dry air in buildings with ventilation systems arises particularly in winter. It may lead to irritation of the nasal mucosa and reduce well-being. The Zehnder enthalpy heat exchanger increases the humidity of the indoor air to comfortable levels. The humidity is extracted from the exhaust air and added to the fresh air through a membrane. This prevents a transfer of smells or microbes.
Available for the Zehnder ComfoAir 160, Zehnder ComfoAir 180, Zehnder ComfoAir 200, Zehnder ComfoAir 350 and the Zehnder ComfoAir 550 family.

  • High sensible & latent effectiveness thanks to advanced polymer membrane
  • Water washable enthalpy exchanger
  • No condensation drain needed in European conditions
  • Proprietary membrane blocks odours and contaminants from the exhaust air stream crossing over into the fresh air stream without inhibiting energy transfer
  • Enthalpy exchanger has minimum air leakage thanks to a well-sealed construction
  • Membrane with Microban® built-in antimicrobial technology for mould and bacteria resistance
  • Optimized flow-field design with low pressure drop
  • The freezing point of the Zehnder enthalpy exchanger is far below 0°C
  • Membrane is freeze tolerant
  • Long lifetime cycle with constant efficiency