Zehnder ComfoSpot 50

The ideal solution for single rooms and smaller living spaces, for refurbishments or new builds: The decentralised ventilation unit Zehnder ComfoSpot 50 impresses with its compact size and good performance values. As a decentralised solution, Zehnder ComfoSpot 50 is easy to install with a minimum of conversion work required.

The control panel has been integrated into the unit for maximum ease of operation. The major benefit is the one-of-a-kind enthalpy exchanger: as this extracts moisture in addition to heat from the extract air, no condensate develops
and the external façade stays clean.

  • Energy-efficient: The enthalpy exchanger ensures excellent heat and humidity recovery
  • Clean: No condensate down the external façade, the wall stays clean and dry
  • Hygienic: Membranes prevent odours from being transferred. Easy to maintain, can be cleaned with water
  • Compact: Slim profile, extremely flat design
  • Harmonious: Interior and exterior wall panels can be painted over to match the colour of the wall
  • Discreet: Fits into any setting; apart from the panels, all the technology is hidden in the wall
  • Flexible: The control panel is integrated into the unit panel and can be fitted at the top or bottom as required
  • Intuitive: Easy to operate using keys, 4 fan speeds, supply air operation, extract air operation and switch-off
  • Comfortable: The control panel lets you know when it is time to replace the filter
  • Minimum effort: Only one core hole drilling and a connection to a 230 V power supply are required
  • Installation benefits: Condensate-free operation and matching components make installation much easier
  • Cost saving: Minimum intrusion into the living space, no refurbishment required
Designation Art. No. Declaration of Performance
ComfoSpot 50 Stainless steel outside wall panel 527 007 220
Designation Art. No. Declaration of Performance
ComfoSpot 50 Plastic outside wall panel 527 007 210
Control Energy Label E-Label
Humidity sensor
Humidity and VOC sensor
Humidity and CO2 sensor
Manual control

Installation and functions Zehnder ComfoSpot 50