Zehnder ComfoAir XL 6000

These Zehnder ComfoAir XL 6000 weather-proof ventilation systems for outside installation (DA) create a pleasant and healthy indoor climate for larger residential and commercial buildings. They combine highest comfort, simple maintenance and a high level of efficiency. The maximum capacity extend to 6000 m³/h.

  • PassivHaus Institute certified
  • Specific Fan Power: 0,45 W/(m³/h)
  • Thermal efficiency of 83% with the counterflow heat exchanger. The total efficiency including the enthalpy of condensation is more than 90%
  • Option for controlling the unit by constant air flow or by a pressure-controlled ventilation system
  • Product data storage for the last 12 months
  • Unit is fitted as standard with a 100% bypass (open/closed)
  • Pressure sensors for filter monitoring fitted as standard