Zehnder ComfoAir 180

The Zehnder compact ventilation system for apartments lets you create a pleasant and healthy indoor climate in a comfortable and energy-efficient way. Designed for integration in a kitchen unit or niche in the wall, the system
comprises the powerful Zehnder ComfoAir 180 ventilation unit and a specially developed compact air distribution system. Rooms are permanently supplied with fresh air, while used air is reliably extracted. You will never feel the
need to open the window. This prevents heat loss and cuts heating costs. And thanks to humidity recovery via the optional enthalpy exchanger, indoor air will not get too dry in periods when the heating is on.

  • Comfortable and healthy indoor climate
  • Permanent exchange of stale, humid air with clean, fresh air
  • Prevents mildew formation
  • Retains the value of the property
  • Savings in heating costs of up to 50 %
  • Quiet, energy-efficient operation
  • High-level air performance with 180 m3/h at 170 Pa, ideal for apartments
  • Compact unit, space-saving and intuitive to use
  • Better energy certificate rating
  • Simple to install in new builds and renovations