Paul Climos 200

The Climos 200 comfort ventilation unit was specially developed for use in demanding residential and commercial buildings. It guarantees comfort ventilation paired with user-friendly operation and the highest energy efficiency. The various installation options and different models allow it to be flexibly incorporated into building services. The comfort ventilation unit moves a maximum of 200 m³/h at an external pressure of 150 Pa.

  • Comfort ventilation up to 200 m³/h
  • Passive house–certified heat output of 84%
  • Fans with constant volume flow control and balancing
  • Frost protection function: Efficient even at low temperatures
  • No condensate connection required
  • Integrated output-modulating pre-heater (optional)
  • Fast, safe installation and maintenance
  • Filter replacement indicator
  • Time- or sensor-controlled automatic functions
  • Electrical and hot water reheater integration possible