Solutions for commercial buildings

Our solutions combine energy efficiency with economic viability and are proof of the pertinence of our approach.

All products and solutions for commercial buildings

Decorative radiators add value to public or commercial areas

  • Suitable design even for high demands
  • Customised solution for any situation
  • Wide range of variants for all design needs
  • Short response time to variations in temperature
  • Very hygienic and health tested
  • Reliable and durable

Our heating and cooling ceiling systems offer comfort, health and energy efficiency for many kinds of application.

  • Low energy consumption
  • Comfortable indoor climate for employees
  • Space-saving, intelligent construction solutions
  • Maintenance-free, reliable and durable solution
  • Short response time to variations in temperature
  • Draught free and silent

The right solution for clean air, for example in the logistics and industry sectors.

  • Optimised costs thanks to less cleaning, lower energy use, easiert maintenance and less downtime
  • Increased cleanliness as a result of dust-free goods, products, plants and systems
  • Capable and satisfied employees thanks to a healthy working environment
  • Compliance with statutory requirements and regulations
  • Greater reliability, efficiency and quality thanks to reducing dust by up to 90%


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