Breathe deeply and relax with Zehnder

On the subject of fresh air, you are best advised to use Zehnder Comfosystems, comfortable indoor ventilation with heat recovery for houses and apartments, for new builds and renovation projects.

A constant supply of fresh air in the indoor spaces in which we spend more than 70% of our time is vital for our health.

Zehnder's comfort ventilation ensures an even exchange of used and fresh air. The Zehnder ComfoBox compact energy unit for heating, cooling, ventilation and domestic hot water preparation represents the ultimate configuration.

The ideal solution for buildings in which the windows often remain closed due to noise or dust particles – and a necessity caused by the increasingly air-tight design of modern buildings. Zehnder Comfosystems promotes a sense of well-being among the residents and helps retain the value of the property. And by means of heat recovery from the extract air, the system provides not only good quality air, but also pre-cooled or pre-heated air, depending on the season.

Products and systems for fresh air

Comfortable indoor ventilation

Comfortable indoor ventilation from Zehnder with heat recovery for an energy-efficient and healthy indoor climate.