Convenient cooling
with Zehnder

Zehnder also has sophisticated solutions to cool rooms, ranging from cooling ceiling systems to comfortable indoor ventilation with fresh supply air adjusted to the right temperature.

Comfortable and energy-saving

Compromises are often needed when a building needs to be heated or cooled: as energy costs rise, so do requirements for an optimum indoor climate.

Zehnder heating and cooling ceiling systems offer a convenient and energy-efficient solution.

Radiant heat creates a pleasant, draught free indoor climate where the perceived temperature is higher than the indoor air temperature. When compared with other systems, over 40% of the energy can be saved through this effect.

Products and systems for cooling

Comfortable indoor ventilation

Heating and cooling ceiling systems

Comfortable indoor ventilation from Zehnder with heat recovery for an energy-efficient and healthy indoor climate.

Heating and cooling ceiling systems from Zehnder represent an energy-efficient heating and cooling solution, whatever the environment.