Dust free with Zehnder

Zehnder Clean Air Solutions provide clean air in buildings with especially high dust levels.

For dust-free air in the workplace

Dust is a problem. And it's everywhere, including where products are manufactured, packaged, stored and where people work. Good ideas are called for – such as Zehnder Clean Air Solutions.

The industrial air cleaning systems from Zehnder Clean Air Solutions protect your products, your employees and your machines from dust – more effectively and efficiently than ever before. This is because the innovative Zehnder flimmer technology filters the dust "out of the air" by thousands of the thinnest flimmer fibres using the electrostatic principle – which is silent and the filters don't clog up as quickly as with many conventional systems. This guarantees a low pressure loss and long running times without needing to replace the filter. Zehnder Clean Air Solutions provide an intelligent, efficient and an economic alternative.

Numerous international companies from the most diverse industries endorse Zehnder Clean Air Solutions – when will you opt for clean air?

Products and systems for clean air

Clean Air Solutions

Zehnder air cleaning systems reduce the level of dust in the room's air, which means lower cleaning costs.